Emergence Permaculture aims to teach how to design, implement, and grow food systems that will be necessary for a brighter, stable future.

Perennial food systems build on themselves throughout time while providing habitat, stabilizing soils, slowing down the erosive force of water, rehydrating deep wells and aquifers, mitigating floods and droughts, and providing constant, reliable food sources for generations. 

About Kyle 

Kyle Franks grew up tending 64 acres of family land in rural Northeast Georgia. He received his BS in Biology from Georgia Southern University and his Permaculture Design Certification from the Permaculture Research Institute and later became a certified permaculture teacher.  

For most of his life he has been closely tied to the rhythms of nature and the ebbs and flows of its changes. For years he has observed these natural phenomena and been able to apply these lessons in his everyday life. Growing nutrient-dense foods has always been a priority, and paired with the permaculture design principles, he has been able to fast-track food systems and help others do the same.

It is his passion to design and spread knowledge of food systems creations, not only for food itself, but for healthier ecosystems, beauty, and a resilient future for our entire planet.